Sunday, August 29, 2010


Miles Run: Saturday 5K, Sunday: 8 miles

Saturday was the annual Yiasou Greek Festival 5K.  Since Jo did the trail run last week, it was my turn this week.

We went down to Charlotte to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church:
It's on East Boulevard in the city.  I was pretty excited about this, since I don't get to run in the city very often, particularly East blvd, which is one of my favorite parts.

I had decided i would try to go out a little harder than usual, just to try to keep some speedwork.  There were about 1,000 people there, which for Charlotte is a huge race.  So big in fact, that they had to split the start into two separate lanes.  As I once read when faced with a left/right decision 84% of people will choose right, so i chose left, which turned out to be a good decision.  The race started off ok, but i was feeling a little bit short of breathe.  I figured it was due to the high humidity and the fact that i've been feeling a bit congested recently.  So i kept plodding along.  All of a sudden the 1 mile mark was upon me.  I was a bit surprised since i was figuring about a 9:15 first mile at best, but it was 8:50.  I guess that explains why i was out of breathe.  Of course, i ultimately wound up paying the price for going out fast.  By the third mile, i was really huffing and puffing.  I also had to stop and tie my shoes.  I didn't pay a lot of attention to the course map, but as i was in the third mile, i looked over and saw some people i had passed in the first mile, so i'm guessing that the course looped back on itself./

I finished in 28:55, which wound up being around a 9:23 pace.  My pace 2 weeks ago at the uptown amphitheater race was 9:37, so hopefully that means some improvement.  I wish i hadn't wound up slowing down in the last mile, and could've kept up the pace.  After the race they had smoothie king (really refreshing), and great harvest bread company.  I got to hit their Mediterranean Olive Loaf again.  Yum!  And interestingly enough the post race refreshments included hot dogs and beer.  Um, guys it's like 8:30 am!  But Julia had no problem going for the hot dogs.  I tired a half cup of the beer just to see what it felt like at 8:30 after a race.  eh.

That's my time!?!
After the race, we headed for the Dowd YMCA where i showered and changed.  I've been in the dowd Y more in the last month than in my home Mooresville Y in the last 2!  We then headed to the whitewater center.  We had a reservation to go whitewater rafting.  It was quite a ride.  I wound up falling out of the boat and got stuck underneath it.  Nothing like drowning.  I pushed my way out after what seemed like and eternity, even though Jo told me it was only a few seconds.  After a lunch, we went to the adventure course.  This is basically wires suspended 20 feet up in the air that you walk across while harnessed in.  I have to say, I'm becoming a bit of a coward in my old age.  Julia and Jo scooted across, but i was pooping in my pants.  I eventually got across.  On the other hand, Julia had already done it 3 times, and Jo once.  So I'm hanging onto that.

Sunday we woke up early and it was Jo's turn to go outside first.  I was sitting here watching the temperature rise and dreading my run.  Julia came down and said "Daddy, can you run on the treadmill, while mommy's gone, so we can have family time after?"  So what was i going to do?  I hit the treadmill for 7 and a half miles, probably the longest run I've ever done on the treadmill/torture chamber.  Thank God for the DVD player.  Finished off district 9 and started surrogates.

After that, we headed for the high school track so Jo and i could both calibrate our Nike+ sensors.

After that, we got to take the boat out and swim in the lake, which thankfully was a little cooled that the 99 degrees it was last week.  At least it was a bit refreshing today.

While I'm looking forward to the weather colling off before i have my long runs, it is nice to go in the lake after a long run.  All told, i got in 8 today, which was a bit longer than i was planning.  

Overall, fun!

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