Friday, August 13, 2010

On local running and the death of local cuisine

While today's blog isn't about me, I say it counts since it's a race that Jo did.

Our town of Mooresville, NC has a running series in the summer called the miles of Mooresville.  For a single entry fee, you can enter any (or all) of the races.  There's 1,2, and 3 mile races.  Jo wanted to get some training in so we headed over there so she could do the 3 with our friend Laurie, who is one of the couple that introduced us to Mooresville about 8 years ago.  So we blame them  (just kidding).  Anyways the race series is in downtown Mooresville, or what i call Mooresville Mooresville, since it's the actual town, where true North Carolinians are from, not the part of Mooresville where I live which is mostly just us Yankees.

The town is pretty cute and has interested old time items such as this about:

Unfortunately, while heading to the start, I passed the best and (almost) only upscale restaurant in town, called Soiree, which is now apparently closed.  So much for cuisine in town.  I'll pretty much have to head to Charlotte for a special occasion, unless I go to the North Harbor Club.  What a bummer.  We'll miss you Soiree! 

Anyways, onto the race.  The races were a series of 1 mile loops through town.  If I wasn't doing a 5K tomorrow, I definitely would've wanted to do this race.  So like I said, Jo ran with our friend Laurie

Jo finished in a respectable 30 minutes.

Julia and I are definitely proud of Momma. 

So that's it for today, have to go eat dinner and get ready for the early wake up to head to Charlotte for the Rock N Run 5K.

Thank you and keep running!

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