Monday, February 18, 2013

The Myrtle Beach Marathon

In the interest of brevity and avoidance of boredom, I've decided to do my write up of the Myrtle Beach Marathon in 10 words or less (per mile).

Mile 1: Oh look! An elephant
Mile 2: Gotta pee.  Cool, trees over there
Mile 3: Other Marathon Maniacs. Yes Jo, Mellow Mushroom sounds good
Mile 4: I can run 10 any day. Hey Peter!
Mile 5: I've never run by an airport before
Mile 6: There's TJ!  There's Allen and Laura!
Mile 7: The Market Common looks neat.  Hey Peter!
Mile 8: How did I miss those fighter jets before?
Mile 9: Yes Jo, the Magical Mystery Pie
Mile 10: 10 down.  Start over.  I can do 10 any day
Mile 11: Shouldn't I be able to see the skywheel by now?
Mile 12: Yes Jo, I promise we'll go to Mellow Mushroom
Mile 13: If I just ran up that road I'd be at my hotel
Mile 14: Well that wasn't the fastest half I've ever run
Mile 15: Will this road never end?
Mile 16: No really!  are we ever getting off this road?
Mile 17: That's a huge house
Mile 18: Finally a turn!  I hate u-turns
Mile 19: It's hot
Mile 20: Waffle time.  tired. pizza
Mile 21: who got the number of the truck that hit me
Mile 22: who got the number of the building that hit me
Mile 23: who got the number of the meteor that hit me
Mile 24: Better pull your shit together boy
Mile 25: Keep it going 3/1 ratio
Mile 26: Where the hell is the finish line
Mile 26.2:  Ok, what's next?

Overall, a new PR, my 3rd straight.  But I need to figure out how to avoid crashing so bad at mile 20.