Thursday, August 19, 2010

Someone REALLY doesn't want me to run today

Miles Run: 4.2

So Julia was staying over at a friends house last night, which meant that Jo and I could (finally) get up and run together this morning.  This really doesn't happen often, so it was going to be fun.  However, when the alarm went off, there was a torrential downpour going on, so that was that.  We debated getting up and going to the gym and running on treadmills next to each other, but the rain really killed that idea.

So I went to work with the idea that I'd run after, since I had until 8PM to pick up Julia from dance.

So I like running in Charlotte sometimes, and I was eager to try out the recently completed greenway at little sugar creek, so I ran out of work (no pun intended), and hustled down to freedom park, got around the corner (keeping an eye on the storm clouds), pulled into the driveway, and.......was greeted by a closed gate and a park ranger who told me the parking lot was closed due to flooding.  So there's a way onto the greenway in the opposite direction and he told me that part was open and just park next to the tennis courts and i could run over and jump on.

So i parked my car, got my stuff together, and ran the 2/10 of a mile to the greenway, went past the ranger, and.....found the greenway underwater.  What the?  So i went back to the ranger, who looked at me like he hadn't just spent 5 minutes talking to me, and told me that yes the greenway was underwater.  Excuse me, brain surgeon, but you just told me it was fine!!!

So then i decide i can run through the park, but NOW he tells me that there will be another torrential downpour within the next 2 minutes.  OK, so much for that idea.

So at least I'm about a mile from the Dowd YMCA, so i can go over there.  On my way over, it looks like it's clearing up, so i figure I'll run outside near the Dowd.  Of course, as i pull in, now the torrential downpour starts.

So now it's like, ok, I'll go inside and run on a treadmill.  Well I've never been in the Dowd before, so I wandered around a bit.  The Dowd is probably as big as the New York Health and Racquet Club I was a member of in NY.

Except the NY pool was NICE.

Anyways there's 4 floors of workout equipment.  So i go to the first floor.  All new treadmills with TV's.  Sweet.  Except for the 5,000 people using them.  There's almost a person waiting for every machine.  crap.  Next floor.  Not as nice but still with TV's.  Same deal.  Third floor.  Starting to get not quite as nice, and still full.  Finally on the 4th floor, there's a spot.  An older treadmill, no TV.  Now i have a very short attention span and i get bored real easily, so a TV is a huge help.  OK whatever.

So i got on the treadmill and did my 4.2.  But really, really boring.  And of course i got the treadmill looking out over downtown Charlotte, which was cool, except when i got to watch the sky clear up after 5 minutes, and i got to see all the joggers going by.  Great.

The woman on the treadmill next to me didn't even have music on.  I have NO idea how you do that.  I can barely take being on the treadmill with music and a tv.  It's like torture.  Anyways my run is done.  So, thank you, and good night!!!

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