Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2, 2, 2 runs in one!

"All i ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by" - John Masefield

"or at least a running trail" - Marc Hirschfield

Miles Run: 4 (Tuesday night)/ 4 (Wednesday morning) = 8
Well, I guess I'm not doing such a great job already since I missed yesterdays run.  But it was a quick 4.35 miler on the treadmill at the gym before going out with some friends for drinks and dinner.  Nothing exciting to report, except that the gym is hot!!  There's only a few treadmills under the fans, and i didn't get one.  At least the treadmill i got was under the TV that was showing ESPN>

I didn't get home until after midnight last night and set my alarm clock for the usual time this morning, thinking I'd be too tired to run.  But when i woke up i realized that every time i try to run at lunch these days it just doesn't happen, and i have a chiropractor appointment after work (sore hip) so that wouldn't work.  So i got up and figured I'd head to work and run at the university Y.  Well after getting on the highway i started to think about the greenway i was checking out on the Internet yesterday that's in Davidson.  So somehow i pulled up the instructions on my ever-useful iPhone and headed over there.  After some slight confusion as to where the actual trail was, i started off.  It was OK.  A bunch of the trail is right next to Davidson/Concord road which is not exactly the ideal location for a trail.  Another part of it is actually down a side road to a obscure park.  I would've never even known if not for a kind woman who was running by.  And then another kind man who told me how to get back to the park where my car was.  Thank you!

I got back to my car a bit short of my target so i wound up having to run around the neighborhood a few times.  As usual recently, as i got to the end i was starting to get a bit overheated, and i was glad the run was over.  Starting to think that the humidity is never going to break.  It was 92% when I started running.  Yuck.

Chiropractor again tonight, so we'll see what happens with the running tomorrow.  Jo has the 5K at the whitewater center on Saturday.  Should be fun.

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