Monday, September 27, 2010

Hitting the Brixx

Miles Run:  Saturday:  5K, Sunday: 9.25

"Charlotte is hilly" - overheard a few times during the race
Saturday was the Hit the Brixx race sponsored in uptown (downtown to us Yankees) Charlotte:

They had both a 10K and a 5K separated by an hour and 15 minutes so both Jo and I had the opportunity to run.  Jo took the 10K since I was going to be running Sunday anyway.  It would be interesting for both of us since we had both been sick and basically took almost the whole week off.

Sponsored By Brixx

We headed to downtown Charlotte early Sunday morning.  I never get over how easy it is to get into and out of Charlotte.  Always a breeze.  Found a parking spot in a lot right around the corner from the start line.  We let Jo go get her chip, while Julia and I parked.  Turns out that Brixx validated without even buying anything! sweet!  Stopped to get my chip too.  On a side note, there seem to be 2 main timing companies in the Charlotte area that run the races (who shall go nameless).  One seems to stick with the old chips that you attach to your shoe, and then in a moment of exhaustion at the finish line need to take off and return.  The other one has something called the D-chip which is a strip of plastic with a bar code on the back that is the chip.  You don't have to return it.  I tend to like that type better, but I'm sure there are reasons why each company uses the one the use.
Jo ready to go

Crowd before the 10K

Anyways, it's always fun to do a race downtown.  There's something about the level of excitement, for me anyways, that seems to be higher than other races. There was a pretty big crowd lined up and ready to go.  And they were off!  J

10K start line

o and I had been debating who would take the 5 and who would take the 10.  When I moved to the finish line and looked at the hill the 10K'ers were coming up, I was kind of glad I went with the 5, since I still wasn't feeling great.  As I sat at the finish line, I noticed that there were a lot of younger runners coming in pretty quickly.  Wish I could get my daughter to like running again.

Anyways, a little later than expected, we saw Jo coming up the hill.  She was pretty winded, but pretty happy considering.

Jo bringing it home
Next up was the 5K.  My plan was to take it slow as a training/recovery (from what, I have no idea) run.  So i resolved to just take it easy.  Well, the course was downhill for the first half mile, so of course I got to the first mile at 8:45, which seems to be the same pace I have every race these days for the first mile.  However, this race had a much different elevation profile than the ones I've done recently (see it below on the map).  So the second mile was a little slower, and my third mile was brutal.  Not only was it all uphill, but there was a price to be paid for the late start at 9AM. It hit about 94 degrees here in Charlotte Saturday, and while it certainly wasn't that hot during my third mile, it sure felt like it.  I was coming up the hill, and just felt that blast of hot coming off me that means i was overheated.  I've had that feeling a few times before.  Not good.  Wound up walking a little bit. That's where I heard the "Charlotte is hilly"  comment.  Guess I wasn't the only one surprised by the hills.   Finished in under what I had originally planned, but still couldn't help feeling disappointed.

After it was over, we got to go check out the vendors.  I'm starting to be on a first name basis with the guy from the great harvest bread company, since I see him every week.

The highlight (at least for Julia) was the Brixx pizza and pasta buffet.  She was in heaven!  I was good and completely abstained from everything except some whatever.  At least I accomplished something!

Overall a great time in Charlotte.  A good race.  Well organized and fun.

After the race, we headed to my new home away from home, the Dowd Y to shower and change and then headed to UNC-Charlotte for the international festival. It's our 3rd straight year, and it continues to be a good time.  Lots of food, and foreign culture.  Fun.

Before heading to Julia's youth group meeting , we popped by run for your life, so Jo could check out some clothing.  Walked in and there was Chad from the davidson area running team manning the counter.  Got to talk to Chad for a few minutes before a college track team showed up en-mass, all looking for shoes. Got me thinking about working at the store myself.  The only problem in my head is that fact that I've basically run in the same shoes for the last 18 years (is it really that long?  Geez)

Overall, a great day.

In case anyone wants to try out the run, the 5K course is below.

Sunday, i was tempted to go down to Davidson to run with the DART crew, but realized if I went out fast with them for the first few miles, I'd probably be shot for the rest of the run, so I stayed home and ran.  It was actually cool, if not chilly, perfect running weather.  After just being sick, I was planning on doing no more than 6-7, but I guess I was feeling ok, and I went a bit extra and got 9.25.  An amusing incident occurred as I was switching my water bottles around.  I moved my used bottle to the left side, and the new one up from the back on the right side.  About a quarter mile on I noticed the empty was missing.  I went back a little bit to find it, but couldn't and kept going before getting caught up and messing up the run.  Funnily enough, after I got home and stretched I took the truck up Brawley looking for it, and it was lying as neat as you please in the middle of the sidewalk.  Bottle recovered!

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